SwiftPack i6

The SwiftPack i6 rapid bagging machine was engineered with efficiency, reliability, and cost in mind. This machine is capable of producing up to 22” wide mail order and e-commerce fulfillment applications. Boasting speeds up to 900 bags/hr for labeled and sealed packages, this machine can increase productivity while decreasing costs. The small lightweight design makes this machine versatile for any business, large or small.

With next in line label printing, there is no need to worry about queuing. Thermal transfer printed labels are created and applied directly to the bags. Just scan the product and SwiftPack i6 will print and label the next package for you, increasing accuracy and efficiency.


Machine Specifications

(w x d x h)
Weight Electrical Air Rate
(Label & Seal)
34″ 63″ 56″ 441 Ibs 120V 60 psi up to 900 Bags/hour*

*Package material, gauge and size along with operator efficiency and product size an weight can vary specification

Packaging Specifications

Bag width
Bag length
Film Guage
8” – 22” 10” – 26” 1mil – 4mil 10”, 14”, or Fan Fold